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I can’t believe it’s my last teaching day already. Everything were mixed together, either to feel happy or sad. It’s Monday, 16 September 2019.

I was preparing myself to teach. The topic I taught was Literal and Figurative Language. I’ve already made lesson plan and submitted it yesterday. Since it was my last day to be in this school, My students and I were having so much fun when we played anagram games.

The game is I will read a sentence and each group should recognize what kind of figurative language used and arrange the scramble words to form the correct answer.

At the end of the learning, I let my students wrote their comments or suggestion to me during my teaching. My tears almost burst out when they gave me so many letters and also gift. When the bell rings I said goodbye to all of them.

I know it’s a little bit inappropriate but, at first I am kind of unwilling to handle these classes. I was so jealous when my friends get SSC (Super Star Class) classes, and they tell me how obedient the student is which that really the opposite of my classes. How stupid I am, to think like that. Eventually, I love these kids more that myself could imagine, I start to understand their spirit and mine is blend with them. At the end, saying goodbye for them is one big heartbreak in my life.

Thank you, Bougainvillea, Fuchsia, and Geranium.

Published by daughterofalifuru

Hotumese! Hi, I'm assuming you have already noticed my name above :) so you can call me Ian or Liany. I am 21 y.o and I am studying in English Education Study Program. I am a freelancer, my profession is translator so if you have journals, texts, or articles to translate (Especially for English-Indo and Indo-English) don't hesitate to check this Ig account : @always.dotranslation. Enough for the promotion (hehe), and I'll tell one more thing about myself. I am a girl who extremely proud of my culture especially Molucan culture. Since I was born I was raised in Ukulele's sound near the beach, I grew up in Alifuru Tribe surroundings, the deep of the ocean is nothing for my people. I would like to write more but it's better for you to find out in my blog. I hope my blog will help you to learn about SEA- Teacher program, My culture and Experiences that I'll kindly share. :) Salam Mahina Moi :)

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