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Purpose of The Practicum

The practicum aims to equip students’ teacher in Southeast Asia with international teaching experience, ability to understand and respect culture from different country, It’s also as media for students’s teacher to become independent and develop their survival skill, in order to advance education system in their own region.

Procedures of Practicum

At first, the delegates perform their culture in opening ceremony. Secondly, the delegates are introduce to university and school environment. And for the rest schedule are :

Student Teachers are observing the classroom on first week.

Student Teachers are conducting teaching assistant on second week.

Students Teachers are conducting actual teaching on third week.

For the fourth week, the student teachers perform Philippines culture on closing ceremony.

Outcomes Practicum

After the practicum, I can reflect myself as person with lots of new strategies, teaching methods, experience that I ready to share. Not only in teaching area, this practicum also impact on my personality where through this project I am able to respect more the differences in culture, last but not leas, It also widen my perception on how I see the world.

The Challenges of Practicum

The challenge that I face during practicum is the food adjustment and classroom management only. Since it’s really hard to find chili or spicy foods in Philippine, it takes 1 and half week for me to get used to local food. For classroom management, I find it a little bit difficult for me to manage the class with different personalities of students, Thankfully my cooperating teacher and I have discussed about it and we find the solution.

Overall Impression

For me, It was such a great opportunity to join this program. I do learn a lot from this program, and what impress me the most is this program connect me to the people I never thought I’ll get attached unexpectedly like my buddies in Philippines, they are such a really good friends indeed. The friendship we have today is because this program.


The only suggestion I could say is it’s better for future prospective delegation being introduce to the environment and atmosphere of receiving university as early as possible, because it’s really hard for the student teacher to manage three different classes with different students’ characteristics due to limited time of observation. If the student teacher stay more than a month, there will be visa needed.

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