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University of Saint Anthony

Junior High School Department

During observation to teaching practice I am under supervision of Ma’am Flordelize Borromeo. She is an English teacher for grade 8. She taught me to make lesson plan for the topic I am going to teach, and she also gave me tricks to handle the class. I am genuinely thankful for have cooperating teacher like her.

Procedures of Teaching

The teaching procedure I followed is the same one used by Ma’am Flordelize in the following order :

  • Greetings
  • Lead the Prayer
  • Sharing Nuggets of Wisdom for Today
  • Spelling section
  • Recap the yesterday’s material
  • Brainstorming
  • Introducing new topic
  • Lecturing
  • Games
  • Evaluation
  • Closing activity

Time Management and Organizing Activity

Time estimation for each subject is one hour only. To finish one unit it takes 2-3 days. Therefore I manage the time and activity as follow : Pre-activity (Greetings, Prayer, Nuggets of wisdom, spelling section, brainstorming, recap yesterday’s material ) takes 25 minutes, Whilst-activity (Lecturing, Games) for 25 minutes, and Closing activity (Evaluation) takes 10 minutes.

Problem Solving

The problem I was facing in teaching is classroom management and students’ disruptive behavior, consequently I introduce rules that should be follow during I teach them. The rules are: 1. No talking to seatmate when the teacher is talking/explaining, and 2. Raise your hand if you want to answer.

I notice that students’ concentration and focus are often divided because there’s Kahon in the classroom. They even played the kahon when the learning process is still running. So, before I teach, I asked one of the student to move the kahon and place it near teacher’s table.

If the class gets noisy, I grab their intention back by yelling ” One, two, three, eyes on me ” students will reply “One, two, eyes on you” or ” Give me on clap (Students clap once), Give me two clap (Students clap twice), Give me one silent clap (Students clap once and say “ssssttt”). I have taught this instruction before start to teach. Thankfully, This strategy work really well for them.

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