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University of Saint Anthony

Junior High School Department

University of Saint Anthony (USANT) was established on 18 August 1947 by late Dr. Santiago. G. Ortega. USANT is a non-sectarian and non-profit education that based on PIETAS, INTEGRITAS, SAPIENTA, philosophy.

Vision and Mission of USANT Junior High School Department are :

VISION : The University of Saint Anthony High School Department adheres to the truth that education is a right not a privilege. Hence, it aims to develop the youth to become responsible and useful citizens of the nation and to emerge as a bastion of secondary education and a vital cog in the total development of the youth.

MISSION : To provide a program of education which embraces the mental, physical and spiritual aspects – thus producing a student of character, discipline and intellectual capability.

Each grade consist of 10-15 classes. The names of each classes are very unique. It could be name of animals, plants, or even flowers.

Grade 7 : Eagle, Maya, Falcon, Albatross, Bell-bird, Bluebird, Hummingbird, Brand, Canary, Cardinal, Flamingo, Dove, Kingfisher, and AC Rizal.

Grade 8 : Sampaguita, Azalea, Bougainvillea, Camellia, Cattleya, Daffodil, Dandelion, Fuchsia, Geranium, Hyacinth, Jasmine, and AC Mabini.

Grade 9 : Nara, Acacia, Agoho, Almond, Banya, Apitong, Dao, Amugis, Dao, Amugis, Guijo, and Bismuth.

Academic Support System

USANT Junior High School Department are provided with

  1. Classroom
  2. Board
  3. Tables and Chairs
  4. Electric Fan
  5. Projector
  6. Principal room
  7. Teachers room
  8. Dean Room
  9. Counseling room
  10. Library
  11. Multimedia room
  12. Tennis court
  13. Forum
  14. Hall
  15. Swimming pool

Teaching System

USANT Junior High School Department is concern more on Constructive Instruction Design. The teacher’s role only to facilitate teaching and learning process, while the students themselves is the one who responsible to gain knowledge as much as possible.

The class begin from 7.20 a.m. – 5 p.m from Monday to Friday. The students should be on school at 7 a.m., since they have to follow flag ceremony for 20 minutes. Each day, the students learn 8 subjects, and each subjects spend only one hour. There are two times break which at 9.20 to 9.40 and from 11.40 to 1 p.m.

Each student prays before and after learning. For English subject, there’s always a student and sometimes teacher gives “Nuggets of Wisdom”. It is like quote of the day, where students should explain the meaning of the quote given and reflect it to their lives. After that, they proceed to spelling section but only on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. On Monday teacher will pronounce the word and tell the meaning, students should write the spelling they hear. On Wednesday still use the same word, Teacher will show the words spell and student will write the meaning. And on Friday, students are given several minutes to review and write down the spelling and meaning of a given words. Then, teacher leads students to recap the material they had yesterday before continue to today’s material.

To leave the classroom, students should ask permission from the teacher to use “Hallway Pass Card”. Each class only has one hallway pass, which means that if another student use the card, the other student should wait for their friend to return, with the intention that student don not roll out of the classroom at the same time.

Material and Learning Source

Textbook is used as learning source in University of Saint Anthony. Sometimes teacher also combined with the materials they took from internet in order to give more knowledge to students.

Measurement and Evaluation System

USANT implement Summative test in every last week of the month and to get to higher grade, each students should pass examination at the end of school year.

NAT (National Achievement Test) is a set of examination taken by students grade 6, 10, and 12. The examination consist of 5 subjects which are English, Filipino, Math, Science and Social Studies.


K-12 curriculum is used in all education level in Philippine. USANT use this curriculum as well. K-12 curriculum means 12 years of basic education which covers six years of primary education, four years of junior high school, and three years of senior high school.

Teaching Plan

Before teaching, teachers are obligated to make Detailed-lesson plan constructed by :

  1. Objectives
  2. Subject Matter
  3. Learning Experience
  4. Evaluation
  5. Assignment

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