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University of Saint Anthony

Junior High School Department

Teaching Method

As long as I observe in the classroom, I found that every teacher has their own style and method in teaching. For my cooperating teacher the method she used to applied is lecturing and collaborating. After explain the lesson, she used to asked the students their opinion to let students think.

Learning Materials and Innovation

The learning materials are come from the textbook. Their whole teaching are book oriented, however they are also open to sources out of the book.

Source of Learning and Technology Used

The teachers in USANT are freely to use chalkboard, projector, and also speaker in helping them to teach. Each students are equipped with individual WiFi password that enable them to look for more information on the internet.

Authentic Assessment

Teachers are asses their students in many ways. The assessment could be in form of achievement test, quizzes, homework, students’ participation, till observation in the classroom.

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