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Happy Monday everyone. It’s September 9, 2019. Today is our third observation that conducted in Junior High School. Finally, after waiting for several days, we were given a chance to directly observe, how the instruction atmosphere in the classroom, students characteristics, and also their learning styles. These are very crucial things for us to note since we are going to teach here and for the success of teaching and learning process then to have prior knowledge of it is a must.

After a discussion with my cooperating teacher, we decided that I am going to teach three classes on grade 8 which are Bougainvillea, Fuchsia, and Geranium, however I am allowed to observe one more class. Total I have four classes to observe today.

In every classes, ma’am Flordelize asked me to introduce myself. The students are very welcome. When the teaching process continue, I can conclude that my cooperating teacher is very patient to her students because some students have really disruptive behavior.

The freedom that teacher gave to students are not used properly, that slightly different with in senior high school. It might because of different age, or classroom management.

It’s only my first day and I’ve feel challenged to teach in these classes already. I hope that in the future it will be better than what I observe today.

Published by daughterofalifuru

Hotumese! Hi, I'm assuming you have already noticed my name above :) so you can call me Ian or Liany. I am 21 y.o and I am studying in English Education Study Program. I am a freelancer, my profession is translator so if you have journals, texts, or articles to translate (Especially for English-Indo and Indo-English) don't hesitate to check this Ig account : @always.dotranslation. Enough for the promotion (hehe), and I'll tell one more thing about myself. I am a girl who extremely proud of my culture especially Molucan culture. Since I was born I was raised in Ukulele's sound near the beach, I grew up in Alifuru Tribe surroundings, the deep of the ocean is nothing for my people. I would like to write more but it's better for you to find out in my blog. I hope my blog will help you to learn about SEA- Teacher program, My culture and Experiences that I'll kindly share. :) Salam Mahina Moi :)

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