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It’s Sept 12, 2019. I woke up so early, maybe because it’s actual teaching day. I have learned the material I am going to teach since yesterday, and I have also prepared the visual aid. At first, I want to use projector to display it, however the projector has been bought by other teacher so I make a manual one.

I enter the first class at 8.20. I keep on calming my self and smiling, and praying on my heart because I’m a little bit nervous. I start the class by greeting each other, after that I set up 2 rules in my class. The rules that I made are : 1. Students are not allowed to talking to their friends once the teacher enter the classroom, and 2. To answer the question, students should raise their hand. I also taught them some commands that tell them to be silent. I implement these strategies to help students to be more discipline and not noisy in the classroom. Another purpose is to have more control for disruptive behavior of students.

For the rest of teaching process, I follow the usual procedure by ma’am Flordelize. After I explain the material, I replace the quiz section with game. Since the topic I taught today was Proper pronunciation and Its’ significance. I justify the game and combine it with pronunciation practice. The game called Tongue Twister Whispering. I divided the class into three big groups. Each group will sent 5 representatives to play. I will whisper a tongue twister twice to the first person and then that person should continue to the next person till the last person. The group that gets higher score win.

I am so thankful that students like the games, and the whole class were engaged in this game. They were so excited .At the end of the class, I gave them homework to collect tomorrow. I feel so satisfied with all the classed today seeing that they were fully pay attention to the materials and enjoy the class.

Published by daughterofalifuru

Hotumese! Hi, I'm assuming you have already noticed my name above :) so you can call me Ian or Liany. I am 21 y.o and I am studying in English Education Study Program. I am a freelancer, my profession is translator so if you have journals, texts, or articles to translate (Especially for English-Indo and Indo-English) don't hesitate to check this Ig account : @always.dotranslation. Enough for the promotion (hehe), and I'll tell one more thing about myself. I am a girl who extremely proud of my culture especially Molucan culture. Since I was born I was raised in Ukulele's sound near the beach, I grew up in Alifuru Tribe surroundings, the deep of the ocean is nothing for my people. I would like to write more but it's better for you to find out in my blog. I hope my blog will help you to learn about SEA- Teacher program, My culture and Experiences that I'll kindly share. :) Salam Mahina Moi :)

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