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Join The Mass at St. Anthony of Padua Parish Church.

It’s September 8, 2019. This Sunday my friends and I are decided to stay at the dorm and take a rest because in the evening we will follow the mass with our coordinators. Surely it’s a new experience for me since I’ am a christian protestant and it’s my first time to follow the mass.

Around 5.30 p.m. Mr.Rafael picked us up to St. Anthony of Padua Parish Church. The mass started at 6 and finish at 7.
I have already passed this church a number of times, it’s just that I have never seen it inside but now I have a chance to see it. There’s a grotto in front of this church with angels statue and cross on top of it.

As usual, the church in Philippines are always classic-European style. It might because Philippines once was colonized by Spanish.

The inside of the church looks so luxurious with ornaments and beautiful lamps.

It’s such a great experience for me to have this opportunity. Although it has different style of service, It doesn’t matter at all, what matter is you believe in the same God.

Let’s Travel !!!

Today is September 7, 2019. How happy we were for today we visit some tourism spot as what Mr.president promised us yesterday.

The first place we visited is Bambusetum Kawa-Kawa Hill Natural Park, that located in Ligao City, Albay. As it’s names this park is formed by several species of bamboo. The temperature of this place is cool, there are also some suspension bridge. However, I attracted more to the Mercy Monastery’s church right before entrance gate. I like the atmosphere, and the building is aesthetically pleasing.

After that, we went to Cagsawa Chruch near Mt. Mayon. There’s a tragic story behind this place. Hundred years ago, during eruption of Mt. Mayon, lots of people were evacuated to this church, sadly all of them were buried in the church by the magma. The only thing left from the church is its’ bell tower only.

When it’s lunch time already, we decided to take a lunch in SM Mall Legazpi, the same mall I visited on my first day in here.

Lastly, we went to Daraga Church, Albay. This church is a roman catholic church that declared as national cultural treasures on 2007. It was build by people relocating from Cagswa who fear of Mt. Mayon explosion. The feel of the building is very classic and Roman styled. I think the older the church, the beautiful it seems.

After a whole day trip, we went home to USANT’s dorm and take a rest.

Meet the President of USANT.

“..To success in life you have to be hard work and discipline to yourself..” that is one of motivational quote I remember the most from Mr.Santiago. G. Ortega, The President of USANT as we were invited to his office this afternoon.

It’s September 6, 2019. There is no observation for today because we had a chance to met Mr.president. One hour talked to him was very inspiring indeed. He told us the story of his late father which is the founder of USANT. The journey of his father start it all from nothing. I honestly learned a lot from the story he told us, that everyone can make it no matter where you from.

The other thing that make me interest more in talking to him is that he also allude about what woman (especially us)should be like in the future. He gave us tricks on how to be an independent woman, and how to deal with man. Kind advice that every daughter needs.

It’s really such an honor to talk to a man like him. Hopefully, next time I’ll have the chance to talk to him again.

Observation Day #2 (Embarrassing Answer)

Halo, Today is September 5, 2019 the second day of observation already. I feel like time runs so fast, after several times of observation we are going to do teaching assistant and actual teaching. The real purpose of why I am here.

Today, I still observed the same grade which is Senior High School but different teacher and class. I didn’t notice any big distinction between today’s observation with the previous one. The only thing that might change is the atmosphere of the classroom and the teaching strategy used.

However, there’s an embarrassing incident happen to me. When the teacher tried to break the ice in the classroom by using questions cards. At that time, three of us from English major were doing observation in the same class. the teacher called us to pick a card and answer the question in the card. How unlucky I am, the question I got is ‘What was the most illegal thing you’ve ever done?’ . To be hones, I’ve never done such things like that. So I just quickly answer ‘ I’ve never done any illegal things but if lying for parents considered illegal, I’ve done it for thousand times’ I swear I didn’t know what I said, it’s probably the most stupid things I said. Who on earth that thinks lying to parents is an illegal things to do. The whole class remain silent for almost 5 seconds when I realize my answer doesn’t make a sense. Then the teacher start to talk. Oh, My cheek are blushing.

This time I learned to think three to four times again before I said something. My dear students and teacher, I am so sorry for that awkward moment, peace..

Observation Day #1 (Senior High School)

I think I should have reduce time to just playing around since today is September 4, 2019 and it’s a first observation day. I observed 2 classes at Senior High School. Let’s just go straight to discuss what are the facts that I found while conducting my observation.

In Philippines education, particularly in USANT I notice that the instruction in the classroom is concern more on communication and participation of the students. It is proved when teacher pointed or called a name of a student to answer the question or give opinion, the student directly stand up and do what the teacher ask for. It seems like the students here are more expressive compare to students in my country.

Then, I kind of wondering when the first time I saw a student brought a doll to the classroom, or the students raise their feet on the seat in front of them, because as long as I learned in my country, these behavior are strictly prohibited for the teachers in there are prioritizing students’ attitude.

The next thing I got from today’s observation is the students are given as much as freedom to be creative in uttering their thoughts. It is reflected from their performance in public speaking class. There are some of them choose to individually perform story-telling, or speech-choir. The one that impress me the most is speech-choir. The teacher told me that it is one of the method she used to encourage students who shy to still can do public speaking.

I think I will implement speech-choir method after I go home. From both classes I understand that giving liberty to students is one of the way to show that you trust them to responsible for them self, and they trust you as their guidance.

Happy Anniversary Iriga City

It’s September 3 2019 and I am so excited because today is The Anniversary of Iriga City !!!

From the early morning the sound of trumpet and drum was already heard to our dorm. Seems like people of Iriga love to celebrate their city anniversary with music and dance. I predicted that there must be a big concert in the roads.

In the afternoon, after I washed my clothes and took a lunch. I went straightly to the roads. Torrent of people fill the road till I can’t barely move. My prediction was incorrect. It’s not a concert yet it’ s marching bands tournament that enlivened by all schools from junior to senior senior high school.

I felt the excitement and joy that people share to each other, I saw faces of tiredness but also satisfaction form the bands after they reached finish line. Overall, I like the people here, it feels like home. I might not live here forever, but once I became part of this city, I will forever be.

Culture Performance Day

I was not believe this is the day. It’s September 2, 2019 and we were going to perform our culture this afternoon. We practiced again and again to make sure everything will be settled perfectly.

It’s 3 p.m. already, we have wore our traditional costume when our buddies fetch us to go. As we walked on the hallway, all eyes are on us. We were so eye-catching at the moment. Then we enter the room, there were students, the dean of education college, and some teachers in the room. It’s no longer butterflies but tornadoes in my stomach.

After several speech from the president of USANT to the dean of education college, it’s time for us to present our culture. I took a really deep breath, I put all my heart to this performance as a representative of my country. In this performance, my friends and I were singing while dancing. Looking at the audience made my hand shake but I keep on put my best smile to boost confident. Then we sing and dance. Since the performance, the coordinators told us that it was the best cultural performance USANT ever seen. I am extremely glad indeed. It touch me a lot that we presented the best to Indonesia in simple concept and very short time of preparation.

Then, the USANT students perform their traditional dance. They perform 2 dances. The first dance name Carinosa, It’s about a gentle Filipino man who is trying to get a heart of a lady. The second dance is Pandango de Riconada it’s used to danced during Christmas in Philippines.

What is better than having international friends and get to know their culture, right? tomorrow is the Anniversary of Iriga city, I can’t wait to see the festival tomorrow. Keep it up with my post ok?

H-1 to Cultural Performance

It’s Sunday morning on Sept 1st 2019. We should’ve been on our way to church to follow the mass, unfortunately till 10 a.m. this morning my friend and I still couldn’t enter our room :(. Around 30 minutes later, the dorm guard Ate Rose called the key master and finally we could enter the room.

I learned to never left my key inside the room anymore, even if it’s necessary I will tie my bracelet around the key and wear it everywhere I go. Due to locked-door incident that made us couldn’t follow the mass, I decided to do laundry.

In the evening, we are preparing our self to present cultural show tomorrow. We are wearing our own traditional costume and it really touching me to see how multiple differences can be put together under one flag. Isn’t it wonderful?

The time is 21. 15 already, we need to sleep early so that tomorrow we can perform optimally. I bet some of us will not sleep tonight as the anxiety level goes up. Wish us luck for tomorrow !

Where is the key? OMG!

Hello there, it’s been three days i’m in USANT and i’m very glad to have such a very generous buddies here. Today is Sept, 31st 2019. Our buddies and us are having traditional food exchange in my room. They brought us lots of Filipino snacks like Kwek-kwek, Kutsinta, Chakoy, and Biko.

The one that I like the most is Chakoy, because the taste is similar to donuts. Even if it has different shape. At evening, we went to Manginasal, my buddies told me they serve the best Halo-Halo in the entire city of Iriga. Halo-Halo is one of the traditional desert made of shaved ice mixed with milk, jelly, and sweet potato ice cream. Once I taste it, I became a big fan of Halo-Halo. It tastes really good.

Trying Halo-Halo for the first time.

When we went home, we immediately went to my friends’ room to practice for cultural performance that will be held on Monday. After we practiced, how shocked me and my roommate are when we found out that we locked out of our room somehow, we forgot the key inside as well as our stuff. We were looking for help but it was evening already. So my friend and I decided to sleep at our friends’ room for tonight and we’ll be find a way to unlock the room by tomorrow morning. Can we enter the room tomorrow? just wait for the next post.

This is USANT, Mabuhay!

Magandang Gabi! Good evening.. It’s such of fun to learn some of Tagalong expression which some words are actually similar to Indonesia language.

It’s August 30, 2019. This afternoon, The coordinator, Mr. Rafael Onate picked us up to walked around and showed us the buildings in USANT. We were introduced to the Dean of Education College and some teachers in the room. After that we were asked to follow Social Science class by Ma’am Nelia with other USANT students.

We were learned research about 10 Global issues for millennial. By following this class I notice the difference and compare to our education system. I learned that students in USANT are very active in class, they also very expressive in pointing out their ideas. That what’s makes the learning environment more alive. Not to miss, we also got the chance to involved in discussion and bringing the issues from Indonesian perspective.

After learning, we acquainted with our buddies. There are about 10 persons of them. I admit that they are very nice to us. They willingly accompany us to the market. Then, in the traditional market of Iriga, we went there by Tricycle. It’s a traditional transportation besides jeepney. It’s my first time and I’m so excited to try it. we bought a lots of stuff that we might need during we’re here.

When it’s 7 p.m. already, we say good bye to each other because our buddies have to go home and I have to do other stuff. What a very nice first impression I experience.