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Touch Down, IRIGA !

Hi everyone. It’s August 29, 2019. Although I feel a little bit tired, and jet lag of course, these will not stop me from enjoying a beautiful night at City of Iriga .

After 7 hours of flight from my province with connecting flight, we finally arrived in Legazpi. We were picked up by two USANT’s Teachers named Ma’am Hazel and Mr. Arnold, and also a very funny driver that sometimes taught us some Japanese words. However, after we met at the airport, we should wait for the other participants to go together to Iriga. Therefore we decided to have a short tour around Legazpi.

We went to Legazpi harbor. From here you can see the view of Mt. Mayon clearly, this is an active volcano and it is known for its’ almost perfect cone at the top of it. We also enjoy sitting and taking pictures near the beach. Before we continue our trip, we went to Mr.driver house to have a lunch. After that, we went to one of the biggest mall in Legazpi. Lucky us, there is an art exhibition at the moment. so we had a chance to see the paintings and take a picture of these paintings.

The clock shows, it’s 6.35 p.m. already, the other participants arrived. We take road trip to Iriga City for almost 2 hours. When we get there, we were welcome to have a dinner at the restaurant with the President of USANT, The Dean of Education College, and also the accreditation people from Manila.

At last, we were taken to our room at USANT’s drom. We were so tired and decided to take a rest.