Balut Challenge

September 20, 2019. We will be leaving this city in few days, therefore, to not waste time, we decided to we went to Pasalubong market to buy gifts. Many kinds of souvenirs can be found here.

We also went to Gaisano Mall and play in a game station there. Since we only had few days left, we use this chance to taste Philippines street food we haven’t try before. Our buddies told us that they will prepare a “Boodle Fight”. It’s a tradition where the Philippines people cook a lot of food and they serve the food on top of a long banana leaf. Then we should eat together with hands. This tradition is similar with the one in my province name “Makan Patita”.

Who doesn’t know Philippines exotic food ” Balut “? They said you don’t really go to Philippine if you haven’t tried balut. So, Me and my friends were strengthen our heart to taste it. I admit that to eat this food without concerning its’ appearance is really hard. I almost couldn’t swallow the first bite. It taste really fishy, and when it enter the mouth I can feel the fuzz, head, even the beak of duck embryo. It was an unforgettable experience for sure.

We spent the whole day having fun together .

Closing Ceremony

After two days of practicing and preparation, we were finally ready for today. USANT provide us a very beautiful traditional clothes to wear . It’s September 19, 2019.

The ceremony was held in SHS Audio Visual Room, it was started at 3.00 p.m., Finished listening to opening remark and message, it’s our turn to perform CariƱosa dance. I think we did a very good job indeed. Right after us, our buddies features Indonesian traditional dance. I thought it was end there, how surprise I am when they said we were going to sing also and I have to play guitar. Since we were on the stage already, I can’t refuse, so we sang Count on Me by Bruno Mars. The whole audience were clapping hands and cheered us up.

At closing, we were given certificate of completion as well as our cooperating teacher. We also got a gift from Teacher Education Collage, How happy we were at that moment. We took a lot of pictures to capture the moment.

Again, My feeling was mixed. This might be the most melancholic part. To say goodbye. I will never forget their kindness to me. They do have a big heart. Mahal Kita

Dance Practice

Hi everyone. It’s been a while I haven’t post a blog, because these late two days we were so busy practicing and preparing our performance on closing ceremony.

We were free day from September 17-18 to perfect the Dance CariƱosa. Meanwhile, we should also teach our buddies an Indonesian traditional dance. We taught them Tanggai Dance and combine with Zaman Dance.

For the costume, buddies will wear Batik sarong with long sleeve black shirt for women. Lengso Adat with white t-shirt will be wear by men,

I hope we can present our best performance tomorrow.

Last Teaching Day

I can’t believe it’s my last teaching day already. Everything were mixed together, either to feel happy or sad. It’s Monday, 16 September 2019.

I was preparing myself to teach. The topic I taught was Literal and Figurative Language. I’ve already made lesson plan and submitted it yesterday. Since it was my last day to be in this school, My students and I were having so much fun when we played anagram games.

The game is I will read a sentence and each group should recognize what kind of figurative language used and arrange the scramble words to form the correct answer.

At the end of the learning, I let my students wrote their comments or suggestion to me during my teaching. My tears almost burst out when they gave me so many letters and also gift. When the bell rings I said goodbye to all of them.

I know it’s a little bit inappropriate but, at first I am kind of unwilling to handle these classes. I was so jealous when my friends get SSC (Super Star Class) classes, and they tell me how obedient the student is which that really the opposite of my classes. How stupid I am, to think like that. Eventually, I love these kids more that myself could imagine, I start to understand their spirit and mine is blend with them. At the end, saying goodbye for them is one big heartbreak in my life.

Thank you, Bougainvillea, Fuchsia, and Geranium.

Trip to Naga City

I can relax today because Saturday is holiday here. Lucky us, instead of be lazy and do nothing at the dorm, Mr.President invite us to join him to Naga, since there is Majorettes and Drill competition which University of Saint Anthony also join the competition.

We went to Naga city at 8.30 a.m., how shocked I am to know that Mr.President himself is the one who drive for us because there is no driver available. Before we went to competition place, we took time to stop by and take pictures in CWC Water-Sports Complex Naga City.

After that, we had a lunch at KFC in SM Naga City, the same branch of mall that I visited in Legazpi. Then we went to watch the competition. In Indonesia, majorettes performance are common yet the drill performance is something new for me to watch. I do really enjoy their performance.

Thank God, USANT won on several categories such as Best Majorettes Leader, Best Drill Performance, 2nd place on Best Drum Band, and also Best Music Conductor. I am so proud to be part of this university.

Actual Teaching (Day 2)

Hi everyone. It’s been my second time doing actual teaching. Today is September 13, 2019. The topic I teach is the continuity from yesterday material. It is really boost my confident remembering classes on previous day were very fun.

As I wish, the students are still actively participate in my class. For I only teach the remaining part from yesterday material, the class finish earlier. Yet, to wait for the bell ring I told the students to write me any suggestion during my teaching or their impression to me. I made this not only to kill the time, but also as evaluation source to me.

In the last class, my students find out that I can sing one of Filipino song called “Buwan” so they asked me to sing. I am so shy actually but I want to share with them so I brave myself to fulfill their request.

The video of me singing for them is in the link above. I hope you enjoy and see you in the next post.

Actual Teaching (Day 1)

It’s Sept 12, 2019. I woke up so early, maybe because it’s actual teaching day. I have learned the material I am going to teach since yesterday, and I have also prepared the visual aid. At first, I want to use projector to display it, however the projector has been bought by other teacher so I make a manual one.

I enter the first class at 8.20. I keep on calming my self and smiling, and praying on my heart because I’m a little bit nervous. I start the class by greeting each other, after that I set up 2 rules in my class. The rules that I made are : 1. Students are not allowed to talking to their friends once the teacher enter the classroom, and 2. To answer the question, students should raise their hand. I also taught them some commands that tell them to be silent. I implement these strategies to help students to be more discipline and not noisy in the classroom. Another purpose is to have more control for disruptive behavior of students.

For the rest of teaching process, I follow the usual procedure by ma’am Flordelize. After I explain the material, I replace the quiz section with game. Since the topic I taught today was Proper pronunciation and Its’ significance. I justify the game and combine it with pronunciation practice. The game called Tongue Twister Whispering. I divided the class into three big groups. Each group will sent 5 representatives to play. I will whisper a tongue twister twice to the first person and then that person should continue to the next person till the last person. The group that gets higher score win.

I am so thankful that students like the games, and the whole class were engaged in this game. They were so excited .At the end of the class, I gave them homework to collect tomorrow. I feel so satisfied with all the classed today seeing that they were fully pay attention to the materials and enjoy the class.

Teaching Assistant

I can’t believe it’s September 11, 2019 already. I have to be ready for teaching assistant today. As it names, today my cooperating teacher asked me to help her in opening activity only, then it will be continue by her.

In the opening activity, I should start with giving Nuggets of Wisdom. The quotes could be from students or teacher, after write the quote on the board, the one who gave the quotes should explain the meaning of the quote and reflect it in our own lives. I think it’s a brilliant idea to give some value to the students before start the learning, besides by giving students opportunity to explain means they are enable to practicing speaking skill.

Next, I should lead them to recap the previous materials that they had yesterday before continue by ma’am Flordeliza. I did that repeatedly in three classes.

After the class, I submit the lesson plan I’ve made to be corrected by her. Then I can be focus to make visual aid.

Observation Day #4

Today is September 10, 2019. It’s been fourth day of observation already, tomorrow will be teaching assistant day, then the day after tomorrow I will probably teach.

My cooperating teacher asked me to make attendance list for three classes that I’m going to teach.

I was observing while typing attendance list when my cooperating teacher came and gave me the topic to teach the day after tomorrow. The topic was Proper Pronunciation and Its’ Significance. Then I realized that in USANT, they learned literature and speech in English separately. Therefore they also have Essential English for literature student’s book, and Speech Matter for speaking.

I was also asked to make Detailed-Lesson Plan. I’ve seen some examples of it that I found on previous batch students teacher. It helps me a lot. This type of Lesson Plan is not complicated, however as it names, this lesson plan should be detail. It require us to write expected response on students.

After class, I went straight to the dorm so I can finish the attendance list and lesson plan early remembering that I should also prepare for visual aids.

Observation Day #3 (Junior High School)

Happy Monday everyone. It’s September 9, 2019. Today is our third observation that conducted in Junior High School. Finally, after waiting for several days, we were given a chance to directly observe, how the instruction atmosphere in the classroom, students characteristics, and also their learning styles. These are very crucial things for us to note since we are going to teach here and for the success of teaching and learning process then to have prior knowledge of it is a must.

After a discussion with my cooperating teacher, we decided that I am going to teach three classes on grade 8 which are Bougainvillea, Fuchsia, and Geranium, however I am allowed to observe one more class. Total I have four classes to observe today.

In every classes, ma’am Flordelize asked me to introduce myself. The students are very welcome. When the teaching process continue, I can conclude that my cooperating teacher is very patient to her students because some students have really disruptive behavior.

The freedom that teacher gave to students are not used properly, that slightly different with in senior high school. It might because of different age, or classroom management.

It’s only my first day and I’ve feel challenged to teach in these classes already. I hope that in the future it will be better than what I observe today.

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